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In making the choice of what location would be best to distribute your products, proximity to your customers is paramount

Location, Location, Location...

The Port of Baltimore (POB) is less than one hour from the nation’s capital, which makes it the closest major seaport to Washington, D.C. Maryland’s world class port facilities and superior highway infrastructure and convenient access makes it the shortest and quickest route into the nation’s heartland. Because of the close proximity to major east/west and north/south interstate roadways and major rail carriers, the POB’s location allows shippers to serve one-third of the nation’s population. Maryland’s POB is closer than Norfolk to 12 major Midwest Cities by an average of 145 miles.

Maryland’s Port of Baltimore has what

you need:

World Class Facilities at the Port of

Baltimore include:

Seagirt Marine Terminal Best Terminal on the Atlantic U.S. East Coast 50 Foot Berth for Post-Panamax Vessels Super Post-Panama Cranes Average 37.5 container moves per hour; 11 hour day Dundalk Marine Terminal 570 Acres; 13 berths, 9 container and 2 whirly cranes 300 ton mobile crane, known as “Big Red”
Depth - A 50 foot channel already in place High level support and personal interest of governing officials First rate workers - Cooperative relationship between labor and management Trucking gates built for speed, the latest computer tracking system Processing from 7 am until 6 pm Connected to major markets by major interstate highways All general cargo terminals lie within 2.5 miles of major interstate highways Two Class 1 railroads offering greatly increased options
Why Choose Maryland An Ideal Location with Great Access
Choose Maryland...  And your products will be able to reach 1/3 of the U.S. population and industrial base (87 million people and 33 million households) in an overnight trip. While Washington, the global center of political influence, is immediately to our south, the substantial consumer markets of New York and New Jersey are less than 200 miles to our northeast. Philadelphia is less than 100 miles away. The Baltimore/Washington area itself is the nation’s second wealthiest market and is the nation’s fourth largest and fastest growing consumer market, making Belts Logistics Services your ideal logistics partner on the east coast of the U.S.
Closer than Norfolk by
Closer than Port Elizabeth by
Why Maryland?