We are a leader in fully integrated third-party distribution: Our expertise in high value consumer products makes us the ideal partner for your company. Belts has the ability to provide integrated warehousing, transportation. packing and kitting and order fulfillment solutions, as established by our proven record of success in numerous projects for many national and international companies.
As your partner, we commit to providing your company:  Measurable high quality distribution services  Seamless distribution of product  Zero error tolerance of all distribution activities Protection from losses due to error or damage Accurate and timely information reporting Exceptional value for distribution services expense Strict adherence to a fast paced implementation



Process Improvement
Belts  considers our relationship with your company a partnership in the truest sense. The more efficient and cost effective we operate as your service provider, the more efficient and cost effective you become to your customer, thus we mutually benefit from the relationship. To Belts Logistics, continuous process improvement means making things better.  It is not "Fighting Fires" or assessing "Blame" for problems or failures.  It is simply a way of analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating how we get better at what we do. By getting to the "root cause", we engage in process improvement that results in: Reduced variation in our processes Removing activities that have no value to us or our customer Improved customer satisfaction

A Dynamic  (not a static) Model

Analysis Phase Identify areas of opportunity and target specific problems. These areas and problems are based on team brain-storming sessions, process definition sessions, recommendations forwarded to the team by organizational members, and other various analysis techniques. Design Phase Generate solutions through brain-storming sessions.  Identify the required resources to implement the chosen solution and identify baselines to measure. Development Phase Formulate a detailed procedure for implementing the approved solution. Implementation Phase Execute the solution Evaluation Phase Build measurement tools, monitor implementation, and evaluate measurements to baseline. Please note that this phase is performed throughout the entire process.
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