Our WMS system, and our RF capabilities enable "real-time" transactional flow of data from receiving to storage to shipment.  Inventory can be received and retrieved in FIFO, LIFO or expiration date, and tracked by pallet ID, serial, lot or batch numbers.  Bar coded labels can be generated identifying SKU, product description, batch, lot or serial number.  UPC, custom labels and product location labels can be generated utilizing our Label Master Software package. Our WMS system can support serial, lot and batch tracking, replenishment and locating of our customer’s product.  The WMS system can generated bar coded tracking labels in code 128 and various other formats as required.  Product can be placed on "Hold", "Damaged" or other status to quarantine product for inspection or future disposition utilizing our WMS system. We are prepared to receive inbound shipments via truck or container with experienced labor and transportation resources currently on staff. All of our facilities are equipped with RF (Radio Frequency) technology and will be utilized to support all customer requirements in the receipt, storage and shipment of the product. Our facilities have conveyance Systems, small parts shelving (bin), bulk racking, and substantial floor locations to support all inbound receipts, storage, pick/pack, shipping and staging operations to support our customer’s operation. We will provide electronic receipt transmissions on an hourly basis. Utilizing our WMS system, fast-tracked receipt information will be identified to expedite receiving of product to fill orders on backorder status. Production metrics include (but are not limited to): cases received per hour, cases stocked per hour, department quality and error reports.
Maintaining the security, accuracy, integrity and pristine condition of our customer's inventory is of the utmost importance to us.  We pride ourselves on adherence to these Values and operate as a "Zero Defect Facility".  We will provide trained resources to perform quality inspections and process compliance on inbound receipts, storage, order processing (Pick/Pack) shipping and returns. Damaged or defective product can be identified and quarantined based on a variety of reason codes through our WMS System. Damages and returns will be processed in the most efficient manner focusing on the most cost-effective process for the customer. Production metrics include (but are not limited to): returns processed per hour, time and accuracy of the return process, returns stocked per hour, department quality and error reports.


Our strategic locations of our other distribution centers in the Baltimore region can provide increased capacity for our customers should the need arise. Inventory will be tracked and traced at the location level utilizing our Warehouse Management System. Inventory can be maintained in FIFO, LIFO or expiration date through our Warehouse Management System. We can maintain inventory at multiple units of measure including each, cases and pallets. "Real-Time" inventory visibility is available at the receipt, storage, shipment, and SKU level. Cycle counts and physical inventory are conducted utilizing our WMS and RF capabilities. Warehouse bin/location identification can be managed through permanent, random or floating location methodologies. Production metrics include (but are not limited to), accuracy of inventory at each level, cycle count accuracy, yearly physical inventory, department quality and error reports.


We are prepared to provide electronic receipts of deliveries from our customer's distribution department. "Real-Time" order availability, order status and shipping information can be obtained through our WMS. We have the process and systems in place to accommodate all "Rush Order" requests for all processes outlined in this RFP, including, but not limited to: Rush Inbound requests Rush / Same Day shipments Rush Labeling requests All clerical functions involved in order processing will be customized to meet specific customer requirements and will be facilitated by your dedicated customer service satisfaction Account Specialist, including: Forward paperwork to customer service along with the shipping information, including tracking and/or pro-number for that shipment. Print bill(s) of lading and attach to the pallet to be shipped out that day. We will integrate transit tracking information utilizing our WMS into our customer’s order management.


Our Warehouse Management System will manage the picking of product at the unit level.  Picking can be accomplished utilizing a paper pick ticket, RF and paper pick ticket or totally paperless utilizing only the RF device. We will generate a pick list in the most efficient pick path or pick lists can be downloaded on to a RF device which can perform the pick in the same manner. Long range RF scanners are used at all of our facilities and can accommodate multiple bar codes. We will partner with the customer to provide the necessary resources for integration or automation to support pick-to- light or voice directed picking systems, automated storage and retrieval systems etc. Our WMS offers the option to pick in multiple formats. Orders can be consolidated or staged pending order completion and/or proper release date. Order and delivery management processes can be customized based on our customer's requirements and the development of internal processes. Production metrics include (but are not limited to):  lines and cases picked per hour and department quality and error reports.


We can generate shipping labels in our customer’s format, including pallet labels, ASN in XML or ASCII format, packing lists and customer specific barcode labels. We will generate a separate and distinct label on an order by order basis as downloaded from NAV system. We will provide staging status and expected shipping information based on customer specific requirements. "Real-Time" status of all shipments, including electronic acknowledgements of all shipments to the customer with order details, carrier and tracking information will be provided. We are prepared to meet customer specific requirements for packaging and labeling as it relates to physical shipping and delivery support. We agree to implement the most cost-effective methodology to optimize load planning of outbound shipments through the use of "Real-Time" production information, customer input, our WMS and our internal TMS System. We will interface with carriers (where applicable technologies apply) to obtain tracking information, delivery information and all associated clerical correspondence to ensure deliveries are scheduled, on-time and arrive as specified by the customer. We will provide P.O.D. information to the customer in an acceptable and fiduciary manner to support confirmation of delivery and expedite claim resolution within 24 hours of delivery. Production metrics include (but are not limited to): orders shipped on time, accuracy of shipments, cases shipped, carrier performance and department quality and error reports.


We will provide the necessary labor and storage to support full truck load, LTL, small parcel shipments (UPS, FEDEX) as well as immediate will call and rush services if required.  Belts will provide sort and consolidation services, labeling and ensure all outbound shipments are packed with the appropriate void fill to protect product during transit. We are committed to providing all necessary receiving and shipping bays to provide maximum and efficient flow to expedite the receiving and shipping process. 
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