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Over 150 Years of Warehousing and Transportation Solutions

Beer, Wine, Liquor/Spirits

We have 33 years of experience in serving the alcohol beverage industry, including providing services for many international companies. Importers and distributors can look to Belts for bonded and FTZ storage of beverage alcohol where tax deferment is critical to cash management.  Our staff has many years of regulatory and compliance management experience. In addition: • We carry all of the permits and licenses       required to warehouse and transport beverage alcohol. • We can offer both ambient or climate controlled storage areas. • We operate both US Customs Bonded Storage and Foreign Trade Zones at our facilities. • We have experience in the handling and fulfillment of diverse and complex orders.  

Foods and Canned Goods

We have over 100 years of experience in providing distribution, packaging and related services to the food industry, including industry leading companies such as Thomas J. Lipton Company, Lever Brothers Company, and Bumble Bee Foods. • All of our facilities are registered with the Food and Drug Administration. • We operate food grade facilities that comply with the American Institute of Baking (AIB) Standards.  • We are compliant with all applicable FDA regulations. • Inventory can be controlled at any unit of measure and at the manufacturer’s         code level. • Quota product can be handled in our U.S. Customs Bonded and Foreign Trade        Zone warehouses. • Inventory can be managed by production lots and best buy dates. • We can provide full tracking and tracing capabilities critical in meeting FDA             recall procedures. • Custom labeling is available with barcodes if needed. • Our daily operations are conducted using all current Good Warehousing Practices.  (GWP)

Retail and Seasonal

Belts has serviced many retail accounts ranging from apparel to bicycles and other sporting goods and equipment that require expertise in less than case picking and EDI communications with Macy’s, Costco, Amazon, Modell’s, BJ’s, Academy Sports, among others. • We can perform multi channel fulfillment.  • We have customers who need full truckloads shipped to their major customers, as well as single items sent direct to the consumer. • Same day fulfillment and shipping is available via all the package services and LTL carriers • We have years of experience with EDI documents and ASN transmissions               through our system or third party providers. • Repackaging and Value Added Services are always available to meet your customer’s specific needs.  

Footwear and Apparel

We have years of experience in handling footwear and apparel for many companies, including having served as Fila USA’s Strategic Supply Chain Partner for over seven years.  We managed their start up operations, recruited and trained their staff, installed equipment and systems, and developed operation processes for their footwear and apparel lines.  


We have over 20 years experience in handling appliances for various companies, including commercial kitchen appliances and parts for Vulcan-Hart.


Representative of our electronics experience is the following: • We operated the East Coast distribution center for Texas Instruments for over 10 years and our team tested and distributed ‘Teacher kits’ containing calculators for every primary and secondary grade level. • We provided logistics services to Tweeter for consumer distribution and installation of televisions and sound systems.  
Industry Experience Decades of Experience
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Coffee/Bagged Commodities

Belts has handed green coffee and other bagged commodities for worldwide importers for well over 100 years: We are members of the Green Coffee Association.  We have the ability to issue electronic warehouse receipts (EWR’s) through IntercontinentalExchange, Inc. (ICE). We can perform sampling, track lots, and  weights at receipt and shipment.    


Our FTZ areas can accommodate the storage of base metals and alloys with inventory control at the individual lot levels.