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Belt's has general purpose operating authority in both Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) in the Maryland geographic area, Number 73 near Baltimore-Washington International Airport, and Number 74 in Baltimore City and nearby counties 
FTZ Advantages for manufacturers and distributors: Duty deferral on imported products until shipment Assembly of component parts within a Zone for shipment to U.S. markets at a lower "finished product" duty rate Sampling, inspection testing or repair of imported products without duty payment "Made in U.S.A." designation on products assembled or manufactured from imported components in a Zone Duty deferral or resolution of quota problems within a Zone Duty abatement on the destruction of waste products within a Zone We are also one of the very few warehouses on the East Coast with Processing Authority in a Foreign Trade Zone, with many additional benefits to your company, including assembly and product manipulation in a tax free or deferred environment. This Processing Authority permits us to engage in zone activity involving a change in condition of merchandise, other than manufacturing which results in a change in the Customs classification of an article or in its eligibility for consumption. We are experts in the safe and efficiently handling of imported products.  Belt's warehouse and value-added capabilities in Foreign Trade Zones No. 73 and No. 74 will help maximize your total logistics needs.  Services in the FTZ are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer.  In addition to Belt's proven integrated distribution capabilities, our customers can benefit from such FTZ specific services as:  Storage, Customs inspections, assembly, kitting, labeling/marking, testing and sampling, order fulfillment, packaging, repair, destruction or returned goods processing.
  Belts Logistics Services holds the oldest continuously active Customs Warehouse Bond in Baltimore and we have, for many years, operated the only staffed U.S. Customs' Centralized Examination Station for the Port of Baltimore. This often saves our Customers from additional transportation costs and delays in having their containers inspected by the Customs officers.

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