We continuously set goals to increase customer satisfaction.  The information we gather measures our high level of relationships with our customers and spotlights areas where we need to focus more attention. Belts Logistics Services establishes the principle objectives for each of our functional areas based on the valuable input we receive from our Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Tracking Program, in addition, personnel and resource allocation decisions are based on consolidated customer feedback scores. The feedback coupled with data from transactional measurements provide a rich source of direction and often to the development of new processes or introduction of new systems or technologies, all of which facilitates improved customer service and reduced operating costs. 


This program is tailored to a customer’s specific requirements and will successfully address all key customer service and operational related functions.  This information will provide management with a comprehensive analysis of the baseline, or "benchmark", customer needs and requirements, as well as the analysis of trend data that could be used to identify key patterns of change, or movement, in customers' perceptions of services availability and performance over time. These would include, but not be limited to: Detailed analysis of the overall survey findings that establish baseline needs/satisfaction levels, and track trends and shifts in customer needs and satisfaction from period-to-period. The identification of specific areas requiring improvement and/or enhancement. Generation of executive-level summary reports, detailed survey data and regular (e.g., quarterly) tracking reports. Assessments of the strategic implications for the organization based on the analysis of the overall survey findings. Development of specific recommendations for improving the existing services portfolio and corresponding levels of satisfaction.


We welcome and encourage proactive communication with our customers on every facet of the business and services we provide and the opportunities presented to us by our customers.  We will facilitate proactive, constructive and positive dialogue through the following (but not limited to) methods: Daily communication among our teams   Conference calls, including: brainstorming, planing and strategy meetings   Customer site visits - Distribution sites visits and tours Celebrating milestones, successes and opportunities Recognition of customer support Creating incentive programs to stimulate new ideas, cost savings and growth opportunities   


One of our internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is daily communication meetings within all of our departments.  We strongly believe that proactive and quality dialogue among our team is essential to excellent customer performance.  Letting our team know our mutual goals and objectives, our progress and our direction is quintessential to our success.  During our meetings we discuss a variety of topics and general review including: Quality - Review of the daily error report, accountability, cause and process for resolution. Safety - Location and company safety rankings, issues or concerns. Training - Opportunities Productivity - Current numbers, opportunities for improvement Customer Expectations - Review of customer feedback by department New Business -  Opportunities Employee Feedback - New Ideas, suggestions or concerns


We realize an error cannot only be costly in dollars but costly in customer perception and goodwill.  Our facilities operate as “Zero Defect” operations.  We monitor and measure all errors made within our operations on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  This information is recorded, reported, analyzed, posted and communicated at every level.    We focus on the “root” cause of every error and take the required measures to correct and maintain accountability in our processes and people.
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