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Belts Logistics Services served as the strategic supply chain partner for Fila USA for many years
Phase I – Belts was selected as partner to develop and construct the initial 160,000 sq. ft. Fila USA National Distribution Center at Holabird Industrial Park in Baltimore, Maryland.  Services included recruitment, staffing and training of floor and supervisory personnel to support start-up operation.  Phase II - The construction of a 133,000 sq. ft addition to the National Fila USA facility at Holabird Industrial Park.   During this period Belt’s operated a concurrent 100,000 sq. ft. distribution center for Fila distributing footwear and apparel merchandise, which included order fulfillment and returns processing. Phase III – The construction of a 300,000 sq. ft., high bay (45 ft. ceiling height), state-of-the-art distribution center in Brandon Woods Business Park in Anne Arundel County.  Belts Logistics Services assisted Fila in locating system and design engineers to support the project and development of the distribution center.  Belts continued to perform return fulfillment services in our own facility, as well as recruit and train the current Fila Distribution Manager. Phase IV - The construction of a 350,000 sq. ft addition to the Brandon Woods distribution center.  The total project development was 650,000 sq. ft. Continued Support - While Fila continued to expand their operations domestically, they continued to rely on the expertise of Belts Logistics Services to support growth utilizing a wide array of our services, including:      • Receiving     • Tagging / Labeling      • Returns processing      • Order fulfillment     • Packaging    • Shipping      • Labor resources Our relationship with Fila USA began in the early stages of Fila's supply chain strategies.  It became apparent as Fila began to grow that the synergy between Fila and Belts Logistics Services would evolve into the ideal partnership needed by Fila to support its tremendous growth and expansion during this time period.   We remain proud to count Fila USA as one of our best success stories. Click below to see a letter from the Director of Distribution for Fila USA, discussing Belts performance in providing logistics services to Fila .

From Start Up (with No Facility) to 650,000

Square Feet

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Fila USA Case Study One
During that time we managed start-up operations, recruited and trained staff, installed equipment, implemented systems, developed processes and constructed state-of-the-art distribution centers.  Our role with Fila Footwear USA was to serve as their partner in growth and facilitate their ability to expand into a company run operation.  During this time we managed four distinct phases of growth that saw Fila USA’s sales increase from $50 million to over $600 million dollars within six years.